What if I just did it?

I'm sure you know this feeling you get when you are thinking about the same thing over and over again. For some people, thought spirals and rumination lead to sleepless nights. As crazy as it sounds - it doesn't have to.

When even writing the 100th pro- and contra-list make you more anxious, it's high time to interrupt and try something new.


At least Steve de Shazer provided an interesting method to take a whole new perspective on recurring thoughts.

You can write your answers down, say them out loud and even during a conversation with me.


Let's say you're about to talk about your feelings, e.g. coming out as gay to a bunch of people.


I want you to picture yourself in your mind in a place that feels very comfortable for you, where you feel safe, secure, warm and loved.

Think about what this place is like - what can you see and hear? What can you feel? Can you even smell or taste something?

Increase these feelings, make them brighter and stronger.


In this place, where you feel so comfortable, time changes, maybe you fell asleep, and you're awaking fresh and new.

Last night, when you slept, a miracle occured. You feel, everything is different.

You awoke the day when your problem is solved.


How does that feel? Do you feel relieved and happy? What are the advantages and downsides of these feelings?


Which differences will you feel in your life and about yourself? Are there things you are able to do now and things you're glad you stopped doing?


Which signs can you and others notice that something changed for you? Who is that first person that notices and how? Do even other people act differently around you?


Where and with whom will you be when you live this wonderful new day?

Picture this again strongly and remember this feeling, where and how you felt it in your body. Make it stronger, let it spin faster and try to catch it with your hands, where you're feeling it.

Take this feeling as a treasure with you, when you go back and wake up now, in present.

Do you feel optimistic about this day that comes? Are you looking forward to it? Did you gain more insight into what could change for the better?


Write me about your experience. I'm looking forward to discuss.


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