May 17th - International Day against hostility against all that don't "fit" into the heteronormative and binary system.

(By the way - "system change not climate change" - the roots are similar)


#BreakTheSilence, #IDAHOBIT, #LoveIsLove, #LoveWins are wonderful opportunities to make us visible and speak up constantly. Because for us - this day is every day, 24/7.

And to have that clear,  we don't forget that in many other countries it's way worse - a thing that's even less acceptable and important to stress, but still, we have to start in our own surroundings and that's the only way to lay the ground for the best future for everyone.

Ironic and sad altogether, little children in their pureness don't see at all problems in things - as it should be - where adults act up and freak out like crazy.

In fact, it boils down to people loving each other or to be who you feel you are.


We just want to be understood and supported, but often times, it's far off from that.

It all has to become common knowledge - and where is the first and most sustained opportunity for that? At school.

Thankfully, we have many organisations, activists and clever people.



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